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5 things every Lash Practitioner MUST be doing-Or you should be taking your lashes and running for the hills-


I’m not sure about you, but I like my eyes, particularly when they’re fringed with a gorgeous set of lashes – from my mother or my lash practitioner, I’m not that fussy.

But I’ve had friends who have had lash extensions done that have gone horribly wrong!  I’m talking eye infections, clumps of glue and worst of all eyelashes that looked like they were trying to escape in every conceivable direction.

Now this hapless friend didn’t know that she would have such an awful eyelash extension experience when she walked into that practitioner's studio, so to help YOU avoid a similar fate, we thought we’d put together a checklist so that you don’t end up looking like you have “Franken-eyes” and can, instead, waltz away from your first eyelash extension experience with a set of gorgeous, fluffy lashes framing your peepers.

Step 1: Assess the studio

Every lash practitioners studio will, of course, be different because we all have different preferences when it comes to chairs, colours, and taste.  But you can check for things like the layout of the studio, the arrangement of the lash practitioners equipment and general wear and tear of elements in the room. 

If there is damp running up the walls, the bed you’re lying on has cracked upholstery, and you’re lying so close to the client next to you, you can hear them breathing, you may want to reconsider having your lashes done by that practitioner.

One of the key things to look out for whenever you go to a lash practitioner is hygiene.  Is the headrest you’re lying against clean? Has the practitioner used a disinfectant on the headrest, or is there a removable and disposable towel on the headrest. This is an excellent litmus test for the practitioner's stance on hygiene.


Step 2: What questions to ask your practitioner

Some of the most critical questions you need to ask your lash practitioner are things like where they did their training, what type of lashes they will be using on your eyelashes, which adhesives they use and how long you can expect your lashes to last for.

Remember that these are YOUR eyes and YOUR eyelashes, so having information on what someone is planning to stick to them is essential for the health of both!

Step 3: The questions your lash practitioner should be asking you.

Every lash practitioner should be able to answer any reasonable questions you have about lash extensions, but more importantly are the questions the lash practitioner should be asking YOU as a first-time lash client.

You should be asked about allergies, your lifestyle, what style of lash extensions you’re looking for, the face and make-up products you use and a whole lot of other questions that will help your lash practitioner craft the best set of lashes for you and your lifestyle.

Step 4: Equipment

Another clue as to the training and experience your lash practitioner has is their equipment.  In order to see properly, your lash practitioner will need an LED flexi light which enables them to look at your lashes properly.

To ensure that your eyelashes don’t get stuck to your cheek, or to your bottom lashes, your lash practitioner should be using a NEW set of under eye pads – if they’re not new, you could be exposed to a previous clients eye infection, and, well, that’s not ok is it?!

Step 5: Professionalism

Finally, keep an eye out for the professionalism of your lash practitioner.  A lash practitioner who is organised and takes pride in their work is more likely to do a great job on your lashes.

How easy and professional was it to make an appointment with the practitioner? Does the practitioner run on time? – We all have our moments with time management, but if your appointment is continually running late, you might want to ask questions about over-booking which leads to rushing, which leads to nasty eyelash extension jobs.

Also, take a look at how the lash practitioner has set up their workstation.  Do they have disinfectants, tweezers and is everything easily accessible. If your lash practitioner is dashing around the room while doing your lashes, there is a higher chance of adhesive spill accidents or a poor quality of work being done.

Does your practitioner wear a Vogmask? This is a mask that protects your practitioner from exposure to adhesives over an extended period of time and protects you from your practitioner breathing on you while you have your lashes extended.

Vogmasks aren’t an absolute must, but they certainly increase the hygiene factor in spades.

At Dollface Lash Artistry, all of our lash practitioners are extensively trained to be professionals who deliver a stellar service to their clients. Make sure your lash practitioner – whoever they are trained by- is giving you the very best lash service possible.

Protect your eyes and your eyelashes by insisting on the best so that you can enjoy the wonder that is lash extensions

Xxx Jessica and the Dollface Team.