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Beauty in the eyes (or is it the lashes) of the beholder!


Beauty is such a fickle thing.

One year the magazines will tell you that you have to be rake thin with thick ankles and the next year it’s well rounded with dainty ankles. Then it’s lips that are the most beautiful facial feature and the next time you look its eyebrows that make all the difference.

It all changes so quickly it’s enough to make even the most confident gal wonder if she’s still got it!

Now I’m all for the “love the skin you’re in” concept – in fact, I think it’s really the only way to be truly happy, BUT I’m not opposed to a little help here and there, just to even out some of those flaws nature saw fit to give me.

Experts say that the perception of beauty is centred around two key ideas. 

  1. Symmetry

Studies have shown that many people find members of the opposite sex more attractive if they have symmetrical features. *Now while the experts can’t necessarily explain why this is, it does make sense as we spend so much time building symmetrical houses, machines and a wide range of other things.


  1. Babies

Another study **showed that there is a relationship – if somewhat casual- between the features, we find “cute” in babies, such as large and wide-set eyes, and our perception of beauty.


So how do lashes fit into this interesting, but seemingly unrelated discussion on beauty symmetry and eye shape?


Well, did you know, that in the right hands, lash extensions are a tool that can be used to correct those irritating symmetry and eye spacing flaws that nature saw fit to lump us with, and here is how:


  1. Eye Styling


Any lash practitioner worth her salt should be analysing your features before she applies lash extensions.

  If you’ve been to the Dollface Studio, you probably wouldn’t have noticed the analysis as the lash practitioners are very discreet – mainly because they are also kind souls who know most of us don’t love being scrutinised.

 To create better facial symmetry your lash practitioner should be using a lash style that creates the illusion of proportion.

 For example, if you have close-set eyes your lash practitioner can style your lash extensions to draw attention to the outer corners of your eye, creating the illusion of wider set eyes.

 The same goes for eyes that are set too far apart.  By styling the lash extensions properly, your lash practitioner can create the illusion of better facial proportion.

Isn’t that amazing!? And I bet you didn’t even know that is what your lash practitioner was up to!


  1. Lash lengths

 Another very interesting trick your lash practitioner has up her sleeve is the ability to turn back time.

Most of us, as we get older, lose a little upper eye firmness.  While I totally understand that those little folds of skin represent years of hard work, grit, determination and being a Boss – I’m a little reluctant to just give those little suckers free reign of my eyelids…but what is a girl to do?

 Enter your lash practitioner (I’m beginning to think that a superhero outfit would be more fitting clothing for them!)

 By using different lash extension lengths, your lash practitioner can hide those unwanted folds behind a fringe of fluttery lashes not only making your eyes look bigger, but also drawing attention away from the problem area.

 Pretty fantastic right!

 So whether you just want a little more facial symmetry, or you’d like to tackle time and lop off a few years, lash extensions are a great way to make the most of your very best features – the window to your soul and the highlight of every gorgeous ladies face- your eyes!