DollFace Academy – Professional Training, Courses, and Education

As a brand that strives to offer and deliver the best lash solutions to its clients, DollFace Lash Artistry has included the special training segment in its offer. Lash application is something that is delicate and requires suitable skills and education. That is why, at DollFace Lash Artistry, all of the new, as well as the experienced lash technicians can take part in learning something new and improve their skills.

The training offered at DollFace Lash Artistry offers and includes three different types of courses: Classic Foundation Course, Combined Course – Classic and Volume Lash Training, and Accelerated Artistry. Each of the courses targets different types of lashes and the needs of the customer, and it also requires different approaches and skills. 

For those of you who are looking to enroll in some of the DollFace Lash Artistry courses and training, here is a brief overview of what each course offers.

Classic Foundation Course

This is a beginners’ course that will introduce all of the new and future lash technicians to the business of doing lashes. It is designed and is done over 2 days and covers the foundations for future professional careers as lash artists. Various topics are covered in the training, starting from the history of the lash extensions, the ways of proper sanitation and sterilization, setting up a workspace as well as all the necessary application tools. Besides the practical information, there is some background information that is learned such as product knowledge, the natural cycle of the health of the lashes, social media coverage, and lots of other material that completes one's knowledge about the lash extensions business.

Combined Course – Classic and Volume Lash Training

The combined course is training that results in the artists being certified in the volume and classic techniques. It is designed and conducted to provide training and knowledge in both areas instead of taking two separate courses. With this bit of advanced course, the lash technicians will get introduced and presented with more efficient and effective ways for every style. The challenging concept of the course will stimulate and motivate all the experienced lash technicians into mastering their skills with new and unseen techniques.

Accelerated Artistry

The accelerated artistry is training that combines all of the courses. It provides certification in doing classic, volume, and mega volume lashes. For the artists who have extended experience and knowledge for more than 10 years in the lash area, this is the course that will advance and improve their style and introduce new modules. It is covered with lots of practical exercises and demonstrations from lash industry icons. With this course, everything that is being learned so far will be mastered to perfection. The 5-day course is an extremely valuable experience that will provide a unique experience and upgrade the career knowledge in the lash are.

For all those who are looking to invest in themselves and their businesses, the DollFace Lash Artistry Academy is the place to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

  • Internationally certified
  • Ongoing product development, constantly updating their in-house artists skills & techniques
  • Cutting edge, in-depth training, and hands-on support
  • Upskilling: Short courses (International) coming soon
  • Local training: Practical are done in the salon on-site

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