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Women always seek the best possible products and treatments when it comes to carrying and looking out for their beauty. Over the last few years, the makeup and cosmetics industry has seen a great demand for lash extensions that will beautify the look of women's eyes.

Lashes are an important piece of women’s makeup routine. They have the power to make the look deeper, more luxury, high end and lush lashes cut down our daily make-up routine

The big and bold lashes give depth and definition to the eyes. By having the lashes done, the eyes look deeper, more open, and appealing. That is why women are always seeking to find something that will add to the things mentioned above and then some. As a brand that specializes in lashes products, DollFace Lash Artistry has entirely dedicated the brand's vision and mission to provide all of the best possible results and products that will complement your eyes and lashes. 

Who is DollFace Lash Artistry?

DollFace Lash Artistry is a company that specialises in providing lash products, treatments, and training that help the process of doing lashes. Founded by Jessica Cik who has already been in the lash business for 7 years before starting the company, she envisioned her clients' desires and her perception of doing lashes went further than the plain and basic procedure. Today, that vision and dedication have led her as head of the DollFace Lash Artistry where she shares her education, skills and sells lash supplies. 

Brands’ vision and mission

By being in the lash business for quite some time, Jessica had great knowledge and perception of what was on the market out there, and what was lacking. Seeing all that combined, motivated her, and give the idea to go deeper into this business. She wanted to offer more to those who needed help with the lashes, so she focused her brand on specific things. DollFace Lash Artistry is a brand that sells quality and luxury that can be instantly seen and felt from the first time the products or treatments are tried. Always following the latest trends and developments in the lash industry, DollFace Lash Artistry aims to elevate the perception of beauty and lash industry by empowering women with their hands-on education courses and high-end lash products. With the special treatment on education and training, the DollFace Lash Artistry has grown into one of the most appreciated and popular companies that specialises in lashes and provides the best for its customers. With that being said the integrity and uplifting of the lash technicians as well as the quality of the service provided, come on the highest possible level.

The products offer

As a company, DollFace Lash Artistry has based its company providing two types of services: Lash Supplies and Products and Training Courses.

From the Lash supplies and products, there is a variety of options for everyone to choose according to their needs. This refers to individuals and small businesses. The offer includes:

Adhesive removers 

The cream and the gel adhesive removers are products that are designed to provide easy removal of different kinds of lash extensions. Both of them are safe to the eyes and for use. They both can be used in salons and at home. 


This adhesive is the secret to beautiful and luxury lashes. It has the power to add a volume to the classic lash application, as well as it provides great flexibility. It comes in black rich color, with low fumes, and works well in low and high humidity. It is an excellent piece and tool for both beginners and advanced lash technicians.

Aftercare products 

The aftercare set of products includes different tools that work for the beauty of the lashes. They include a pack of 10 Clear Bristle mascara wands, a pack of 10 Mini rounded Bristle mascara wands, bubble foam cleanser, and makeup remover pads. 

Application products 

The offer on application products varies from different tapes, brushes, pads, lash trays, plates, removers, and solutions that are important for the lash application. 

Lash practice accessories 

For those entering this business, the lash practice accessories involve a mannequin lash practice kit and head.

With such a great offer of lash supplies and products, DollFace Lash Artistry is the brand that has all in one place. Here you can stock up on all different tools and accessories that is needed in the process of getting beautiful lashes. The carefully picked tools and products come with the highest possible quality and make this brand unique on the market in the area of lashes.

At DollFace Lash Artistry we:

  • Always follow international trends
  • Import quality products
  • Offer ongoing product and skills development


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