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Help I'm Moulting!


Have you ever noticed that come Fall and Spring you seem to lose hair in vast quantities? Whether it’s the hair on your head or your precious eyelashes, shedding hair in Fall and Spring has a scientific basis and is entirely normal -although, we agree a rather irritating occurrence, particularly when you’ve been carefully nurturing your mop of lashes!

This is what the Hairloss Expert Uk have to say about it:

“There are two major factors thought to be involved in seasonal hair loss, both involving Hormones. The first is exposure to sunlight. Even if you spend most of your time indoors, you will be exposed to more sunlight in spring and summer. This can lead to your body producing less melatonin, which interferes with hormone levels in your scalp. It can push hair follicles into their natural shedding phase for longer periods of time than usual.

The other major factor is the effect of testosterone, levels of which are usually higher in spring and autumn. Although testosterone is often thought of as a male hormone, it exists in both men and women and is known to trigger Hair Loss.

Usually, part of the hair on the scalp is shedding, and part of it is growing at any one time. Seasonal hair loss occurs because it shifts the balance between these two states. When you’re growing as much new hair as you’re losing, you won’t notice any change. The good news is that seasonal conditions that push more hair into the shedding state are normally followed by a shift in balance so that more new hair is growing than being lost, and the lost hair is replaced.”

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for seasonal shedding, other than to wait it out and adjust your lash fill sessions to make up for it.

Happily what you are doing is brewing a whole host of baby lashes that will soon, and super quickly, fill out your lash line again.

In the mean-time here are a few of our top tips to keep your hair and lashes in the best possible state while we all wait for those baby lashes to grow.

  1. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat a nutritionally sufficient diet – and no, ladies, coffee and cake is not a food group – although it is a necessity.


  1. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Keeping your lovely Dollface lashes in tip-top shape by cleansing them regularly will ensure that your lashes are in the best possible condition they can be in.  This means there won’t be any undue strain on the lashes from excess oil production, which means you won’t lose any additional lashes because of poor lash health.


  1. Chat with your Lash Practitioner so that she can adjust the volume of lashes she is using with each fill. This way you’ll stay looking glam while you wait out the shed.


So in conclusion, while you may have a lost a few more lashes than planned in this shedding season, the good news is that you have a Dollface Lash Practitioner to see you through while your new mop of baby lashes grow.