How to select the correct lashes for your face

 Choosing the right type of lashes should not be a hard and stressful thing if you know what you are looking for. And to know what you are looking for, you must first determine what do you want to achieve with your lashes. 

Every woman has a different vision of how her eyes and her lashes should look like. Lashes play a great role in the beauty look and can give the face a definition that you never knew you needed.

This involves the length, the thickness, the curviness, the volume, or all together. That is why the market today offers so many different types of lashes that are designed to satisfy the different tastes and needs of the consumers, in this case, the lash lovers.

As one of the greatest suppliers of lashes and other lash products, we at DollFace Lash Artistry are dedicated to providing you the best solutions for your lashes that can cater to everyone's needs and tastes. If you are looking to get a pair of false lashes, keep in mind that they should flatter your eye shape.

The improper choice of lashes can deliver a completely different result of what you are trying to achieve, and take the look of your eyes and lashes in a completely different direction, leading to dissatisfaction.

That is why we have made you a quick guide that will help you easily choose the right type of lashes for your face. Take a look!

Round eyes

The round eyes usually present a look of big eyes that come as the centerpiece of the entire face. This eye shape goes best with lashes that put the accent on the end corners of the eye, making them look more dramatic.

Almond eyes

The almond-shaped eyes look more stretched horizontally and cover some parts of the iris. Depending on the look you want to achieve, this eye shape goes well with any kind of lashes because each one can provide a different look.

Small eyes

The small eyes are usually covered with the lid and they need to be opened up to make them more accentuated. Getting that look can be done with suitable lashes that will do exactly that – open the eye and make it look bigger.

Deep-set eyes

Deep-set eyes are eyes that are positioned towards the outside, which leaves some visual space in the inner part between them. This kind of eyes can benefit from lashes that will make them look bigger, voluminous, and dramatic.

Monolid eyes

Monolid eyes are the most common type of eyes among Asian women. That means that there is no crease on the eyelid that can be seen. They might look plain and sad, and the lashes here are extremely important and play a huge factor in the entire look of the face. They should be curled and attractive, making the eye as big and high as possible.

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