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The Long & The Lash Of It


As experienced Lashpreneurs, we’ve come across a few essential things that will determine the success or failure of your lash business.

To begin with, and particularly for those of you who are perhaps new to the wonderful world of lashing, let’s take a quick look at the essence of the lash business model.

Obviously, you have your first-time lash clients which is the start of the lash business cycle.

 First-time lash clients can be really awesome because lash extensions speak for themselves. They’re dramatic, look gorgeous and if you’ve done your job right – which as a Dollface Practitioner we’re 100% sure you would have- the client will walk away fluttering her lashes deliriously happy.

When you start your business, you will have lots of first-time lash clients, which is a great boost for your income, but what you really want is to build a balanced business model with regular almost “guaranteed” clients coming in every 2 weeks or so.

Although the fill clients don’t bring in as much money in a single appointment, they also don’t take up as much time, and they give your business financial stability and give you the ability to plan and budget which is critical for long-term business success.

So how do you create a loyal customer base that comes back fill after fill?

Well there are 3 key elements which we’re going to be discussing in the coming articles, but the very first one is (drum roll please)

The Lashes!

Now there are a few reasons we are so passionate about lashes at Dollface Lash Artistry.  The most obvious is because it’s the essence of our trade, but perhaps less obvious is that good quality lashes give you, the lash artist an incredible edge. 

They enable you to work with a clients natural lashes without fighting with direction and lash curl which makes YOUR job that much easier and gives your client a beautiful set of lashes she will want to come back for time and time again.

As a Lashpreneur, you will be aware, by now, that there are a whole lot of lash trays available for sale to lash extension artists.  So what should you be looking out for when purchasing your next tray?

Here is our checklist for making sure you’re getting value for your money and a product that will enhance your lash business:


  1. Type & Price


You may have different clients wanting different types of lashes, but truth be told, most clients go with the recommendation of their lash artist. 


Regardless, you can choose from:

  • Real hair – mink or sable
  • Faux mink
  • Silk lashes

Each type comes with a different price tag, and you’ll need to consider how you remain competitive in this quickly growing industry if you go for the more expensive lashes.


  1. Colour


The second thing to inspect when buying a tray of lashes is the colour; they should be coloured from tip to tip with no colour fade at the ends. This will give you the colour vibrancy that makes the lashes really pop and ensures your client can see the full length of the lash extension.


  1. The Curl


This is an essential part of lash tray inspection before you purchase. Inspect the lashes from the side to make sure that the curl is even.  Also, have a look to see if you can get a mixed curl tray.  This gives you lash volume options even when doing a classic lash application because you can blend the lengths to give a fuller look.


  1. Density


As lash tray stockists, we’re passionate about providing our lash artists with a densely lashed tray – why? Because it’s better value for money and it cuts down on stock replenishing admin – which, when you run your own business is an essential way of running a time efficient and therefore profit efficient business.


  1. The Strip


Finally, and most importantly, make sure the lash trays you are purchasing don’t leave a sticky residue on the lashes when you pull them off the strip.


Applying lashes is fiddly business as it is, and the last thing you want is to be struggling with lash residue from the lash strip as well as adhesive.


So there you have it Dolls, our definitive guide to making excellent lash tray choices based on price, colour, density, curl and strip. Use this guide and you’ll be sure to buy the best possible lashes with which to boost your lash business.