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This gel-based lash adhesive remover is specifically designed for dissolving adhesive, and makes removal a breeze! The thicker formula stays on lashes and works it’s magic without leaking down into the eyes. The eyelash extension adhesive remover just sits on the lashes, dissolves all the adhesive, and extensions glide right off your natural lashes without harming or damaging them.




To begin eyelash extension removal, tape clients bottom lashes down as if doing a normal lash application.  Apply a small amount of eyelash adhesive remover onto 2 lipstick applicators.  Place one applicator underneath the lashes, and one on top of the lashes.  Gently coat all extensions. BE GENTLE.  The extensions will start to slide off naturally.  Go back and forth from eye to eye sliding the remover from base to tips.  Be careful not to get eyelash adhesive remover in the eyes.  After eyelash extensions are removed, use warm distilled water and lint free tissue to wipe away excess eyelash extension adhesive remover. 

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