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With the lash industry set to grow by 64% in the next few years, there is huge potential for Lashpreneurs to really make their mark. 

Make sure you have the competitive edge in this dynamic and fast-growing industry by equipping yourself with Dollface Lash Artistry’s international quality Lash Practitioner  Training.

As a Lash Practitioner and business person, you know that a happy client will not only come back for lash fills but also tell everyone she knows about you and your marvellous lash business.

Dollface Lash Artistry training not only provides you with the best, international standard lash application and care training but also gives you the business tools you need to make a resounding success of your lash extension business.

Because we know what it takes to become a successful Lashpreneur -a whole lot of dedication, passion and hard work- when you train with Dollface Lash Artistry you’ll be welcomed into a community of Lashpreneurs where you’ll find encouragement, tips, advice and motivation to build your lash business and reach your goals.

Here is a sneak peak of what you’ll learn with Dollface Lash Artistry’s dynamic Lash Practitioner Training:

Client Assessment:

Because every client is different, customising lashes to compliment a client’s eye and face shape, fit in with her lifestyle and work with the makeup she likes to use is one of the key ways to provide a lash service that will keep clients coming back  fill after fill.

Dollface Lash Artistry training provides you with an analysis toolkit that will not only wow your clients with the unique service you provide, but also empower you to apply the best lash fit for that client.

Lash Technology:

If you’ve been even a tiny bit curious about the lash industry, you’ll know that not all lashes are created the same, in fact, there are a wide range of lash products on the market all with pros and cons attached.

Dollface Lash Artistry Practitioner Lash Training not only provides all the information you need to stock your lash business with high quality, well priced, ethical lashes, but also teaches you the business of finding the perfect balance between cost, effectivity and quality so that your lash business has a firm economic grounding from which to  grow.

 Lash Application Technique:

Because lashes frame the eyes and are so visible, having the perfect lash technique is critical for a natural and comfortable lash extension experience for your clients.

Dollface lash artistry’s powerhouse lash training provides you with a variety of methods to attain the perfect volume; fan and spacing techniques and how to apply a variety of lash volumes and lengths to provide your clients with the lashes they’ve always dreamed of.

Product Knowledge:

Lash longevity is directly associated with client satisfaction and at Dollface Lash Artistry we share years’ worth of hard-earned knowledge on which lash care products, application products, and lash tools will enable you to provide clients with a service they can’t live without.

Lash and Eye Biology:

When it comes to providing an excellent service, knowledge is power, which is why the Dollface Lash Artistry lash practitioner training includes detailed information on how natural lashes grow, eye conditions that may occur and much more.

This type of training prepares and equips the Dollface Lash Artistry Lash Practitioners to manage client questions and recognise potentially problematic situations, enabling them to make quality lash health suggestions to their clients.

Lash Safety:

Your lash business depends on your reputation, so to help you avoid any incidents where your reputation may be damaged by a negative or harmful lash experience, Dollface Lash Artistry have included in-depth training on safety procedures should an accident happen while you are applying lash extensions to a client.

Lash Practitioner Safety:

One of the most important areas of the Dollface Lash Artistry Lash Practitioner Training is empowering our lash practitioners to care of their own health during lash application. 

In fact, we feel so strongly about this we’ve even imported lash practitioner safety gear to keep our lash practitioners in excellent health while applying lashes.

Lashpreneur Training:

At Dollface Lash Artistry the greatest sign of our Lash Practitioner Training success is the growth of our Lash Practitioners business once they leave our classroom.  Having been through the fire of starting and growing our own lash business, Dollface Lash Artistry has included nuggets of business wisdom into the training to give our Dollface Lash Practitioners a boost. 

These nuggets include financial management, service costing, administration and how to develop a cost-free marketing strategy for your lash business.

Get all this and more by registering for our next Dollface Lash Artistry Practitioner Training today.




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