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Confessions Of An Eyelash Ninny

My mornings, like yours I’m sure, are a flurry of rushing around packing school lunches, dressing kids, feeding dogs, and in between all of this I need to get myself presentable for the world.

With most of the beauty routine down to military precision timing, the one thing that was taking painstaking minutes was trying to coax mascara onto the tips of my blonde tipped eyelashes.

Enter lash extensions…

Now I must admit to being nervous about having lash extensions done.

 While I completely admire women who can pull off mile-long lashes, that’s not me -I’m more of a fly below the radar when it comes to makeup kinda girl, so my brief to Jessica was “I don’t even want my husband to notice that I’ve had them done!”

Now, I’ll be honest here, I initially thought that all lash extensions for all clients are pretty much the same, but how very wrong I was.

An analysis is done on every client which not only includes lifestyle – I run, and therefore sweat or should I say "glow" a lot so that needs to be taken into account when deciding on the weight of the lash extensions. 

A really interesting part of the analysis is the assessment of face shape and eye shape – not something I spend much time thinking about- but this determines the volume and length of the lashes the practitioner uses.  You can also decide if you want black lashes for the mascara look or brown lashes for a more natural look or a combination of the two.

Sold! Super keen!

But what about all those niggles I’d been thinking about…you know the horror stories you hear about some hapless lady who had lash extensions done and then her eyes swelled shut and all her lashes fell out and she had to wear a paper bag over her head for weeks… (not that dramatic but you know what I mean)

I am one of those people who reacts to products – I’m talking blotchy skin, welts,  you name it, if a product is strong I end up looking like I’ve walked through a swarm of mosquitoes. 

But it turns out there’s a WHOLE lot about lashes I didn’t know about, like the fact that they’re not attached to your skin at all, they’re attached to your natural lashes!  I did ask about irritants in the adhesive and every adhesive has potentially irritating ingredients, but because it never touches the skin it doesn’t irritate…whoopee, one more thumbs up for lash extensions.

My next worry was that I’d wake up the next morning with all my lashes, extensions included, in a heap on my pillow and I’d have to walk around with bald eyes until they grew back!

So eyelashes fall out all the time, we know that because we wish on them, but what I didn’t know is that different lashes are in one of three growth phases at any one time, that’s why there are short ones, medium length ones and long ones, and yes, there will be lashes that fall out too you’ll just notice them more because they have extensions attached.


The lash extension procedure is far more relaxing than I thought it would be. There is a comfy reclining chair, gentle music and the only thing you really feel is slight movement on your lashes as you drift behind closed lids.

The nerves were back though when I had to open my eyes and look in the mirror, but I suspect I looked a bit like a Cheshire cat because I really, REALLY loved the look!

And the best bit, for me anyway, is that these lash extensions are so natural my husband didn’t notice until much later in the day.

Yours...The Eyelash Ninny ;-)